With the establishment of our university within the scope of the Law No. 7141 Amending the Higher Education Law and Some Laws and Decrees in the “Resmi Gazete” dated 18.05.2018 and numbered 30425, our Faculty has the force of law on the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Upper Institutions and Higher Education Institutions numbered 51 and 124 of the Law No. 2547. It was established and started its activities according to the 38th article of the Decree, and the primary faculty members started their duties as of December 2019.

While the power of knowledge is increasing day by day in the globalizing world, it is a fact that scientific knowledge has an aspect that transcends borders. In this context, the roles, responsibilities and structuring models of universities have changed in parallel with these developments.

The field of Turkish Higher Education has also witnessed a number of new developments in recent years, in the context of the studies carried out at the national level to put an end to foreign dependency in the fields of national development and especially national security and take the place it deserves in international competition. Finally, in 2016, by the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education, based on the idea that universities should be structured with different thematic areas and different missions, 15 universities were determined for mission-oriented studies in regional development, and 11 universities were designated as research universities. It is not a coincidence that the fields of Agriculture and Defense Industry, which are two of the three priority development areas determined in the 11th Development Plan, are matched with the faculties included in our Establishment Law.

Departments of the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences have been determined in consultation with the leading defense companies in the field such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TÜBİTAK SAGE, TUBITAK UZAY and TUSAŞ-TAİ, in a way to provide R&D services to the defense industry sector and to train qualified personnel and researchers, Curriculum contents and program design process continue with these institutions.

In the spring term of 2020, education has actually started at the postgraduate level at our University by recruiting students for the interdisciplinary Master's and PhD programs with thesis in the Department of Defense Technologies, which was established within the Institute of Graduate Studies.

Within our faculty, Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering Departments were opened with the decision of YÖK on 22.05.2019.

In the Fall Semester of 2022, it is planned to open Undergraduate Programs of Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering Departments in our Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences.

Our faculty continues its activities with 1 professor, 4 lecturers, 16 research assistants and 2 administrative staff.